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Located in Miami, Florida the law office of Ellen von Geyso, P.A., assists individuals and businesses in all types of non-immigrant Visas and Green Card matters, Family immigration cases, Naturalizations and Visitor and Student Visas.

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German American law firm serving international clients with their legal needs

Located in Miami, Florida the Law Office of Ellen von Geyso, P.A., assists individuals and businesses with all types of Business Visas (including Visitor and Student Visas), as well as Green Cards, Naturalization, and Family Immigration matters. In the event that your visa application has been denied, or you have been denied entry into the US, we can help you with an application for a “waiver” to overcome charges of inadmissibility. If you have been arrested, charged or convicted, we can analyze your case to determine if it presents a “Crime involving Moral Turpitude” and file a waiver application, if appropriate. Our Firm’s Principal Attorney maintains dual admission with the German and Florida Bar Associations. Thus, we also offer advice and counsel regarding:

  • business and individual immigration matters under German law
  • complex German citizenship issues, including dual citizenship matters such as applications to retain German Citizenship when becoming a US Citizen (Beibehaltungsgenehmigungen)
  • Restoration of German Citizenship after an inadvertent loss (Wiedereinbuergerungen)

We are able to represent your interests on immigration matters in all U.S. States and at U.S. Consulates worldwide. Read more …

Ellen von Geyso

Our founder, Ellen von Geyso, was born in Hamburg, Germany, has studied law in Germany and the U.S., and is admitted to practice law in Germany and Florida. Read more …


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