We assist with U.S. and German Citizenship matters, including applications for U.S. Citizenship, Beibehaltungsgenehmigungen (Retention Certificates) and Wiedereinbürgerungsanträgen (Re-obtaining German Citizenship) on grounds of restitution and other inadvertent loss.

As an attorney admitted in the U.S. and Germany, Ms. von Geyso holds over a decade of experience in German Citizenship law. She has handled numerous applications for retention certificates to remain German when applying for U.S. Citizenship (dual Citizenship -“Beibehaltungsgenehmigungen”) and applications for re-obtaining German citizenship for former German nationals (“Wiedereinbürgerungen”). She has been advising colleagues and clients worldwide in obtaining / re-obtaining German Citizenship for former German Citizen and their descendants that were persecuted on political, racial and religious grounds during World War II according to Art. 116 (2) GG (“German basic law”) and the new in published Section 15 StAG (German Nationality Act). Ms. von Geyso assists with the acquisition of German citizenship by declaration for persons who were not able to acquire German citizenship at birth due to former gender discriminatory law ( Section 5 StAG) and she has been involved in various complex German citizenship cases researching back to the German citizenship laws prior to the German Empire in 1871.

Ms. von Geyso’s publication on these matters were published in AILA Global Migration digest and are available on our webpage, a webpage dedicated to German citizenship laws.