Waiver / Visa denials

The Firm assists in obtaining Waivers under the Immigration and Nationality Act. You may need a waiver, if you have ever been convicted of a crime, committed immigration fraud, entered the United States illegally, or overstayed for more than 180 days.

We handle all kind of waivers, including General Waivers for Non-Immigrants under § 212(d)(3) and I-601 waivers. We also offer assistance to other attorneys in the evaluation of foreign judgments, from Germany, Switzerland, or Austria under their respective Penal Code (“StGB” or “Strafgesetzbuch”), for determination of Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude.

Download list of crimes involving moral turpitude

Your client has a foreign conviction. What Now?

In addition to that we assist in requesting advisory opinion in cases where a denial may have been based on an incorrect legal position. Foreign nationals can apply for a nonimmigrant visa or the Green Card at a consulate abroad. When his or her application has been denied, the consular officer may have based his denial on an erroneously legal view. This is particularly possible in cases where a foreign conviction is involved. In such matters, we can request an advisory opinion from the Department of State’s Visa Office (“VO”) and, if the VO agrees, the decision will be overturned allowing the foreign national ultimately to obtain a visa.